Eiza gonzalez weightiza gonzalez weight

Dec 21, 2016. If you don't know who Eiza González is, you will soon.. She also looks much more grown-up here, probably from weight loss, as well as the . After a decade of remarkable success on Mexican television Eiza Gonzalez is going to conquer Hollywood. Let's see her height, weight and body . Apr 4, 2019. While González does Pilates, yoga and weights as part of her regimented exercise routine, she also tries to incorporate incidental movement . Sep 2, 2014. Eiza Gonzalez's weight has been a subject of fascination lately. Recently, the actress was seen with a fuller bust, and Gonzalez explained it . Feb 6, 2019. BONUS: Download the FREE Eiza González Workout Routine PDF. So she's actually utilizing The Zone Diet to gain weight for a role, but then .